Parents’ Testimonials

The fact our daughter loves going to pre-school every day is testimony to Wallaroo. The staff are always so warm and we love how they encourage the children to explore areas they are naturally interested in, and to have fun doing it. It’s such a lovely relaxed environment where the children can be themselves and where they also learn to respect each other. The outdoor facilities are fantastic, especially as we live in the city. A wonderful learning environment and a very special place. 

Kate Hyde (Honey’s Mum)

Our 9 year old son loves Wallaroo and thinks of it as a home from home, except more fun! He has been going to Wallaroo since he was 2, and the activities there have evolved to suit each of his stages of development. When he was young, the workers were nurturing and gentle. As school gets more demanding, Wallaroo plays a vital role as a place for him to blow off steam and have fun. It acts a perfect antidote to sitting still in class all day, with activities including: dodge ball, climbing trees, capture the flag, disassembling old electronic gadgetry, playing in the mud garden, crafts, making pizza, putting on puppet shows…pretty much anything the children want (within reason!). The atmosphere is like that in an extended family, with the workers being like benign aunts and uncles, who really enjoy playing with children and have no difficulty seeing things from a child’s perspective. Conflict rarely arises and when it does the workers deal with it subtly and as an opportunity for the children to learn how to resolve disagreements amicable. After years attending Wallaroo, our son is very self-confident and assertive, characteristics we put down to his positive experience in Wallaroo.   The fantastic garden, with playground, monster sand pit, mud garden and trees to climb, is a real bonus for city children. This combined with the outdoor room means they can be indoors and outdoors almost all year round. More recently, our son has started doing homework there, supervised by the workers. This also makes our lives much easier. All in all we would strongly recommend Wallaroo to our friends.

Deirdre Tobin (Toby’s mum)

Wallaroo is the best after school activity for the development of a child’s socialisation skills, imaginative and group play.

Noreen Walsh  (Issy’s mum)

My two kids went to Wallaroo from the time that they were two and loved the play, the staff and the building.  Now they are 11 and 9 they still go in the afternoons when I am working and love meeing up with their Wallaroo friends and being allowed to get muddy.  I am allways impressed with the atomosphere of fun and exploration through play that the staff encourage in a safe envornment. 

Danielle Sheehy (Roan and Manny’s mum)


My two older children have been going to Wallaroo for the last 5 years and it has been a really positive experience for both of them. Both have made lasting friendships there and have benefited from the great input from the workers as well as the environment – a fantastic outdoor space including room for climbing trees which has always been a favourite! Nowhere else have I found such a commitment from staff to the children’s development and welfare, and I would thoroughly recommend Wallaroo to other parents.

Claire Edwards (Cillian, Charlotte and Alice’s mum)