After School Sessions

For older children (aged 4-12 years) we run afternoon sessions (2 pm to 5.45 pm) Monday to Friday, September to June.

This “after-school club” provides a fun, safe, relaxed environment for children to play.  Lots of emphasis is placed on using the great outdoor facilities, throughout the year, to help the children unwind after the structure of school.  If required homework can be done at the club, with the Wallaroo workers supporting the children. The sessions are managed by qualified, experienced staff who adapt the activities to suit the children’s needs.

If groups of children are coming from local  schools, a walking collection by Wallaroo staff can be arranged.

We also offer “drop-in” occasional care, on afternoons when there is extra capacity.  Call us in advance to see if this service is available on the day.


The Afternoon “After-school” Sessions run from 2 – 5.45 Monday to Friday.

If the child comes for less than 3.5 hours the cost is €20 per session. If the child comes for more 3.5 hours the cost is €24.

You may be entitled to a Government subvention, which reduces the rate, if any of the following apply:

  • You are in receipt of state benefit (Unemployed Benefit, One-Parent Family etc.)  –
  • You have a medical/GP visit card
  • Are on CE or a training programme.

Go the:  for more information.

There is a 50% reduction for second and subsequent children.

The afternoon “Drop-in” occasional use rate is €25 per session.

Daily Routine:

Within a very fluid and organic structure there is an approximate routine that is followed on a daily basis. This, of course, is dependent on the day, weather and particular needs of the children

Greeting Time

Children and parents/carers are greeted and helped to settle into the session.

Work Time

The childcare team provides a number of pre-planned activities each day e.g. musical movement, drama, obstacle courses, baking, art. The children choose which activities they wish to participate in. The activities vary hugely depending on the seasons, world events and children’s interests. The children may work alone, with other children, or choose to be supported by a childcare worker.


The contract for homework is between the child and parent. Wallaroo will provide a quiet space and staff support and reminders but we are not a homework club.

Outside Time

Weather permitting; children are free to play outside throughout the session


Communal eating time – all the children come together to eat, chat, share news and enjoy music.

End of Day Activity

All the children are invited to join in the End of Day activity – Capture the Flag, Ball Games, Drama, Treasure Hunts, etc.