Children’s Reviews

In a survey carried out with the children in the afterschool session 2018.

Here is a sample of there responses !

-“I can play whatever i want”

-“You can do whatever you want like eat when you feel like it”

-“I like making pom poms at wallaroo and when we get slushy and popcorn”

-“So many different games”

-“It’s a place to play with lots of peoples i don’t see very much”

-“I like the two sheds in the garden you can play in”

-“I like to hang out with my friends”

-“I get to play with my friends and w have more space to run around”

-“I like when Liz brings Maya (the dog) to wallaroo”

Tobias’ statement :

My name is Tobias and I have been going to Wallaroo for 7 years. I recommend the block room where there are giant building block where kids can make amazing creations, like houses they can go inside! I also really like the noisy room because it is really fun for cushion wrestling, a game where kids throw cushions at each other. I think Wallaroo is really fun and the workers are prepared to play pretty much anything with the kids, including really silly games. The garden is really big and fun to use, it is split up into 3 sections – mud garden, big garden with a long climbing frame and small garden with a tall climbing frame. I really enjoy Wallaroo.