2 PRESCHOOL ROOMS CONSISTING OF A RANGE OF AGE APPROPRIATE FURNITURE AND EDUCATIONAL EQUIPMENT. Each preschool room has their own bathrooms consisting of 2 toilets and sinks and nappy changing facilities. Each room has an arts and craft/dining area, homecorner, block and construction play,  reading area, sand play and a range of educational activities



UNDER 5S CLIMBING FRAME: Wooden with two roofed platforms, stairs, rope ladder, climbing rope, and bench underneath.

SAND PIT: An outdoor sand play area.

PLAY-SHED: This is a play area with small furniture for children

CLIMBING TREE: Located on the garden side of the noisy room, these trees are perfect for learning to climb!

NOISY ROOM/CUSHION ROOM: This is a sheltered outside facility for rough and tumble, physical play. Perfect for letting off steam when it’s not possible to go outside.

DECKING AREA: A waiting place at drop off and collection times, with space for children’s coats and bags, and the Wallaroo/Parent/Carer notice board

OFFICE: The office is open from 8:45am – 5:45pm, Mon – Fri, June – September (with the exception of Winter mid-term). This is where all administrative duties are carried out, and fees are paid. Entrance is located in the childrens garden at the front of the building through the decking area.

KITCHEN: The kitchen has tea and coffee making facilities, and is available to parents/carers and staff during opening hours. Located next to the office

MEETING ROOM: The meeting room is available for private consultations and parent meetings with staff.  This is located between the kitchen and the office.

PARENT/CARER – WALLAROO NOTICE BOARD: This is an A3 board located on the decking area as you enter the building. One half is for Wallaroo notices to parent/carers, and the other is for parent/carer(s) to communicate with each other.



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