BLOCK ROOM: Has a dress-up and home/play kitchen area, as well as a building area for blocks, etc.

NOISY ROOM: This is a facility for rough and tumble, physical play. Perfect for letting off steam when it’s not possible to go outside.

UNDER 5S CLIMBING FRAME: Wooden with two roofed platforms, stairs, rope ladder, climbing rope, and bench underneath.

SAND PIT: An outdoor sand play area.

UNDER 9S SHED: This is a play area with small furniture for children under 9 years.

 DECKING AREA: A waiting place at drop off and collection times, with space for children’s coats and bags, and the Wallaroo/Parent/Carer notice board

CLIMBING TREES: Located on the garden side of the noisy room, these trees are perfect for learning to climb!

2 BATHROOMS: One regular toilet and sink, the other child sized. Both have nappy changing facilities.

 CRAFT ROOM/LUNCHES AREA: This area is for main craft activities: painting, play dough, sand and water play, as well as an area for children to eat their lunches.

 QUIET ROOM: This room includes tables for board games and puzzles, a space for reading, a science area, and floor space for play

OFFICE/LIBRARY: The office is open from 8:45am – 5:45pm, Mon – Fri, June – September (with the exception of Winter mid-term). This is where all administrative duties are carried out, and fees are paid. We have a small library available to parents, with a diverse and supportive range of books.

KITCHEN: The kitchen has tea and coffee making facilities, and is available to parents/carers and staff during opening hours

MEETING ROOM: The meeting room is available for private consultations and parent meetings with staff, and can be booked in advance for use by parents. It is also equipped with a breastfeeding chair.

PARENT/CARER INFORMATION BOARD: This is located at the top of the stairs, and is used to share information leaflets and flyers that may be of interest to parents/carer(s).

PARENT/CARER – WALLAROO NOTICE BOARD: This is an A3 board located on the decking area as you enter the building. One half is for Wallaroo notices to parent/carers, and the other is for parent/carer(s) to communicate with each other.



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