Twice Is Nice Charity Shop

Twice Is Nice

– TWICE IS NICE is located the corner  of Clontarf St and Andersons Quay beside the bus station in Cork City.

It is set up to support the work of Wallaroo Child and Family Project working with children and Families in Direct Provision Centres for Asylum Seekers.

We gladly accept all donations of a good standard including Women, Men and Childrens Clothes and Shoes, Accessories, Bedding, Curtains, Bric a Brac, Books, Toys, Jewellery, Household items,  Furniture and Unwanted Gifts.

Donations can be dropped to the shop at Anderson’s Quay entrance or at Wallaroo Playschool on Military. Please do not leave outside door.

Ring if you have larger donations and we will pick up.

Phone: 083 4148692

Facebook :

Find us and Like us on Facebook at Twice Is Nice and Wallaroo Playschool.


It is well documented that children and families in direct provision centres are vulnerable and at risk because of isolation, depression and other factors related to their personal histories and circumstances.

Offering opportunities for children to play together in supervised situations allows for children to build bridges with one another across religious and cultural differences. Offering opportunities for families to mix together in social and cultural events breaks down barriers with adults and allows for opportunities to support one another.

Some of the volunteers at Twice Is Nice will be from the Asylum Seeker Community, affording them the opportunity to have meaningful activity and to contribute their skills and time as they are restricted from working while waiting for their legal situation to be processed.

The funding we receive from the HSE does not cover all the services we wish to provide and to this end we have opened our charity shop on the corner of Andersons Quay and Clontarf St. beside the Bus Eireann Depot.