Summer Camps 2017

In July and August Wallaroo Playschool will be running summer camps from 9-2 Monday thru Friday.  These are open to children aged 3-6 years and 4-12 years.

These are some to the child led activities indoor and outdoor, supported by adults that we did in our 2014 summer camp. Rope Swing, Face Painting, Disco Party, Dodge Ball, Tap-a-Shape, Gloop, Hammock, Playdough, Hama Beads, Arts & Crafts, Loom Bands, Mud Garden, Painting the Windows (& Cleaning the Windows), Marbles, the Police Game, the Rope Wall Climb, Sword Fighting (it’s ok -they’re cushion swords!), Monopoly, Collage, the Spider’s Web game, Playing House, Dodge Ball, Capture the Flag, ‘Don’t Touch the Ground’, (I’m starting to run out of breath now…), Treasure Hunts, and the Memory Game. Oh yeah – Obstacle Courses, ‘Tip the Can’, and Card Games.

Fee is €100 per week, or €80 for a 4 day bank holiday week. Those families on subvention can use it toward the camp.  Fundraising events have been held to support new and existing families who do not qualify for subvention.

Our usual 50% reduction for siblings will only apply to Band C families not receiving any other assistance for our summer program. A 50% deposit is required when returning form to secure a place, the remainder is to be paid on the first day of camp.

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